Curing Urinary Tract Infection with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Statistics have revealed that about 50% of all women in the United States will suffer a UTI or urinary tract infection at least once in their lifetime. Sadly, each year, the number of women with chronic UTIs is rising.

Urinary infections develop when the urinary tract and bladder is overrun by bacterial overgrowth. UTI can develop from several contributing factors. They include wearing extremely tight undergarments, vaginal yeast overgrowth, improper wiping after urination, and hormonal imbalances that lead to the proliferation of vaginal pathogens. TCM or traditional Chinese medicine can address urinary tract and bladder infections and strengthen and balance the body of the woman in order for her to develop resistance against the disease and prevent the rise of infections.

From the viewpoint of TCM, an acute urinary tract or bladder infection is caused by excess damp heat in the bladder. The element of heat is manifested through the sensation of burning when a woman urinates. Obstructing the flow of urine is dampness which leads to pressure and urination difficulties that can manifest as cloudiness in the urine. TCM treatments for UTI involve the use of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments in Linwood. When combined, these two modalities work to restore balance to the body and remove the dampness and heat that cause the condition. Once the therapies have effectively neutralized the pathogen from the bladder, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are used to make the body more resilient to future UTIs. Chinese herbs and acupuncture are quite effective due to their ability to not only resolve symptoms but also because treat the underlying cause of UTIs.

UTI Therapy by Drinking Cranberry Juice

Research materials have revealed that when drank in large amounts (16.8 oz/day) unsweetened cranberry juice can cure UTI. If drinking of the juice is continued, it can significantly lower the possibility of future infection recurrence. But it needs to be noted that the most popular brands of cranberry juice contain high amounts of sugar, which, is not good for the body. Too much sugar intake can lead to weight gain, dips and spikes in blood sugar levels, and diabetes, among others. If you are diagnosed by your practitioner with dampness, sugar should be at the top of your list of food to avoid since it is dampness that greatly contributes to UTI.

Besides cranberry juice, the least expensive and simplest way to treat UTI is by drinking large amounts of water. But since a lot of individuals think that drinking unsweetened cranberry juice is too bland to drink in huge amounts, one can resort to antibiotics to fight the pathogens. If you want a safe and effective form of treatment then Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments can help. They help address the underlying root of the problem thus preventing its future recurrence.