Enjoying a Whole Year Free of Allergies with Acupuncture Treatment

What makes springtime the best season of the year? Picnics, beautiful flowers, warm weather? While each of us may have a specific reason to love spring, there is also a certain side to this season that makes some people dread it: seasonal allergies. Drugs (over-the-counter and prescription) are widely available; the sad thing though is that they are quite ineffective in preventing allergies and in improving overall health. Moreover, these medications come with a number of unpleasant side effects. On the other hand, we also have natural and alternative therapies such as acupuncture that not only is able to treat allergy symptoms but also helps restore balance in the body. With acupuncture, overall health is achieved and allergies are resolved. This is because treatment also addresses the underlying condition and not only the symptoms.

Allergy symptoms include fatigue, headaches, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Precipitating factors that cause seasonal allergies include weeds, grasses, and pollen of flowers in trees.

Some of the side effects that over the counter and prescription pharmaceutical drugs produce include a temporary loss of the sufferer’s taste and smell as well as stomach pain, wheezing, fatigue, and headaches. Moreover, these drugs are ineffective in preventing the rise of future allergies and in improving health.

An imbalance in the immune system is often the underlying reason why allergies come about. Therefore, fortifying and balancing the immune system is the ideal thing to do to lessen or even cure yourself of seasonal allergies altogether.

Below are Helpful Tips to Help Reduce Allergy Attacks:

1. Avail yourself of a homeopathic allergy treatment – this type of remedy works by matching the vibrations of a certain remedy to the vibrations of your symptoms. When the two frequencies match, they cancel out the symptoms leading to the improvement of your health.

2. Consume a lot of raw foods, more so during spring and summer. Doing so keeps our body strong and functioning optimally.

3. Take a mineral/multivitamin supplement all through the year guarantee that your body will perform at its maximum.

4. Eat honey produced in your area – to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the honey, taste a small bit of it first. Bees that produce honey in your area carry bee pollen from local flowers. So, when you taste a bit of the honey you are in a way putting an antibody in your body that counters the reaction to the pollen you are allergic to. This can make you immune to the allergen that’s been plaguing you during spring season.

5. Consume seasonal, local foods. Doing so keeps us in balance and in tune with the regular cycles around us.

6. Receive acupuncture.

Treating Allergies with Acupuncture in Cleveland

If you want to treat your seasonal allergy symptoms naturally, safely, and effectively, acupuncture is a treatment you should consider to bring your body into balance. This way, your seasonal allergies can be resolved in the long-term and may lead to the complete curing of your allergies.

Acupuncture Works for Seasonal Allergies in a Couple of Ways:

1. Restores the body into balance.

2. Relieves the symptomatic conditions of fatigue, headaches, stuffiness, and itchy eyes.

Treating the Symptoms

In treating allergy symptoms, acupuncture is extremely beneficial. Most of the symptoms of allergy are experienced above the neck, specifically, in the head (itchy eyes, headache, stuffiness, etc.) When you have an allergy reaction it is an indication that energy and blood does not circulate normally from the head to the rest of the body, and vice versa. All the pathways of yang energy travel from the head down to the feet, or from the hands up to the head. These pathways in the shoulders and neck need to be cleared of obstructions in order to enable the normal flow of energy, nutrients, and blood.

Through the insertion of sterile, small needles on acupoints that are affected by symptoms felt on the side of the nose or head or pain, acupuncture can treat the symptoms locally. The treatment releases the stuck energy enabling it to flow unhindered throughout the body.

One of the more important benefits of acupuncture is that it keeps the body steady. The acupuncturist achieves this by first taking a comprehensive intake and exhaustive determination of every patient who comes in for treatment. Each patient is treated individually and very specifically, ensuring that the root cause of his/her allergies as well as all other symptoms is resolved. The restoration of balance in the body results in the disappearance of symptoms and the restoration of health. This is what acupuncture can do: bring back the proper balance in the individual in order for his/her body to self-heal emotionally, mentally, and physically.

To prevent allergies from dampening that time of the year that’s supposed to ring in hope and warmth, one needs to consider acupuncture. This mode of relief brings long term benefits that result in a higher level of health and a better appreciation of life.