Electromagnetic Wave Acupuncture For People Suffering From Stomach Upset and Nausea

The most commonly-used treatments for general stomach upset and nausea these days are skin patches, over the shelf drugs, and even prescription medications. But if you are not too keen on experiencing the negative side effects that come with their use, you could opt for a more natural non-invasive treatment known as electromagnetic wave acupuncture therapy in Bellmore to treat your gastric distress.

Stomach Upset, Its Causes

There is practically an endless list of causes for getting stomach upset. With reasons such as overeating of spicy foods, the problem fortunately goes away within a day or two and that depends on how fast your digestive system works. But what if you are prone to motion sickness? You can easily suffer from nausea when you ride in a boat, airplane, or even a car.

Stomach upset or pain can also be caused by chronic pain conditions such as migraine headaches and fibromyalgia. Nausea that can lead to stomach problems can also be triggered by IV drugs, anesthesia, or any type of surgery. Some psychosomatic condition or even the common flu can likewise bring about general stomach upset and nausea.

Sometimes, even the standard treatment for GI (gastrointestinal) distress and nausea may worsen the problem it was designed to treat. It’s illogical to take drugs for an illness and then take more medications for the nausea that stems from the illness and original drugs! What’s more, besides causing more nausea, the drugs can also cause concentration problems, memory loss, drowsiness, dizziness, and headaches. To avoid this undesirable scenario, you need a natural solution that will help your body heal itself. Electronic acupuncture is one such solution.

Acupuncture is Effective

The ancient Chinese healers knew fully well the great healing powers acupuncture can provide when they first invented it. They saw that the body consists of energy pathways known as meridians. When a blockage develops in one or more of these meridians, illness arises. The traditional style of acupuncture uses solid stainless steel sterile needles applied into specific acupoints in the body to remove the blockage and reestablish the smooth flow qi, resulting in an overall state of wellbeing. But if you have a problem with needles, you can opt for a needleless type of acupuncture treatment that uses an electronic device but still produces the same effects as traditional needling acupuncture.

With an electronic acupuncture device you can actually self-treat yourself, which makes a lot of sense as you cannot predict when general stomach upset and nausea can occur. With a handheld wand-like gadget, you can send impulses of electromagnetic energy into the acupoints on your palm and hand that are connected to your GI tract. You may also be able to address the other areas of your body that you think may be contributing to your nausea. You may, for example, use the acupoints associated with the ears to resolve an imbalance that cause motion sickness oftentimes manifesting as stomach upset.

If you want a convenient way of treating GI problems and nausea, electromagnetic wave acupuncture therapy is a treatment you should consider. An electromagnetic wave acupuncture device is very affordable and you could use it anytime not only for gastric problems but for other health problems as well.