Losing Weight Effectively and Safely with Medical Acupuncture

One of the best ways to help you lose weight or maintain your ideal weight is with medical acupuncture. This type of acupuncture can make it easy to resolve atypical weight problems that can’t be addressed by exercise or a healthy diet alone.

Medical acupuncture offers a way of getting rid of unwanted weight in a manner conventional weight loss programs can’t do. This type of treatment assists you in increasing your desire to lose weight and boosts body metabolism by stimulating the brain and central nervous system with needles in order to produce effects that will make it easy for you to lose weight.


Before the actual medical acupuncture procedure begins, your acupuncturist needs to first ask you a series of questions about your dietary habits and perform an examination of your tongue and pulse. This is to help the practitioner know the underlying cause of your weight gain which then helps him/her formulate a proper form of weight loss treatment.

Acupuncture Points (Acupoints)

If you love to eat desserts, candies, ice cream, and chocolates, then you have a sweet tooth and are addicted to sugar. The acupuncturist then will needle the corresponding points associated with the sugar addiction. If you have extra weight because of a slow metabolism, then your acupuncturist will target your thyroid by placing needles in acupoints located on the ear.

One other cause of weight gain is edema or water retention. Acupuncture can also help treat this kind of problem. Edema is healed by treating points that correspond to the endocrine system and kidneys. Chinese herbs and acupuncture can be used together to treat the atypical causes of weight gain.

Herbal Supplements

Chinese herbs are utilized by medical acupuncturists to enhance food digestion that in turn can help in losing weight. Medical acupuncture is much more effective if diet modification, regular exercise, and Chinese herbs are included in the treatment.

Only in recent years that this treatment has been widely accepted and has become widely known in the West.

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