Acupuncture And Traditional Chinese Medicine For Weight Loss

A poorly functioning digestive system is the root cause of unwanted weight gain. When the spleen and stomach are not working in harmony, we manifest feelings such as anxiety and overthinking, which affects our ability to metabolize food properly. Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM believes that the body’s life force, … Continue reading

Weight Loss – Coping and Support

Any substantial and sudden weight loss should be immediately known by your doctor.  For support, weight loss sufferers can go for psychological counseling if they are diagnosed with depression, bulimia or anorexia nervosa. If your loss of weight is caused by a chronic condition, you may need to be fed … Continue reading

Unintentional Weight Loss– Treatments and Drugs

Because there are many potential causes of unintentional weight loss, treatment is solely tailored to target the problem that causes this condition.  There are occasions where unexplained/unintentional weight loss may happen due to inappropriate or inadequate food intake. In these particular cases, the caloric intake needs to be monitored by … Continue reading