Mongolian Bone Setting And Alignment Procedures For Old Injuries

At some point in life, people will reach a stage when they feel either negative or too positive in health which can lead to restlessness, bloating, sluggishness, mood changes, and pains and aches in your body.

These are all symptoms telling them that somewhere in between their muscles, there is blockage in the flow of energy inside their bodies.

If left untreated, these symptoms will eventually lead to chronic illness sometime in the future. You can determine the underlying cause of these symptoms through Spinal Column Screening.

Most of the time, sport injuries incurred over the years surface at fifty years of age and above.

Some of the injuries may have been caused by jerks or sudden falls, which can form into old injuries over the years if not treated properly. Some of us may have forgotten these injuries and some we may have sustained without realizing it.

Proven treatments for ailments such as sprained ankles, frozen shoulder, shoulder dislocation, dislodge hips, dizziness, low backache and pain, or tennis elbow can include bone alignment, bone setting, or body massage.

You need to get treated regularly, lest these problems lead to constant conditions like numbness and coldness in some part of the body, neck pain, and instant and chronic stiffness which, in turn, can lead to shortness of breath, stroke, and can cause sudden collapse or even trigger a heart attack which can lead to death.

To prevent further injuries, we recommend you get these injuries treated when you begin to feel symptoms of stiffness/tightness in any part of your muscles.

Mongolian Bone Setting and Alignment Procedures for Old Injuries

(Initial treatment is to evaluate and locate your injuries)

1. To release a blockage, your bone-setting therapist will perform an intensive rub down from the neck to the coccyx (tail bone).

(Second treatment is to remove your injuries within a week)

2. This is followed by a rub down to your lower limbs to detoxify and distribute blood, nutrients and vital energy called chi throughout your body. Next, a full body rub down is performed to enhance the detoxification and distribution process. At this point, instant relief is to be expected after treatment.

(Third treatment is to find out whether your injuries have gotten better a week to 10 days after).

3. Follow-up treatment three days to a week after is performed to distribute and detoxify as well as to remove any blockage to old injuries.

Afterwards, twice a month maintenance treatment can be performed, which is eventually reduced to once a month to once every three months.

Positive results after evaluation and treatment should include:

• Ability to sleep well. If not, there may still be toxins and blockage within the body.

• Reduction of bruises in the body, although pressure point tightness may still be felt in the stomach region. To relieve the tightness, keep your posture straight, drink a cup of warm tea or water, and performed 50 deep breathing exercises once a day, (inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth). A week to tend days after, follow-up treatment may be needed to regulate blood flow throughout your body circulation.

Only two follow-up may be needed if the client shows positive signs.

Adverse Symptoms Post Evaluation and Treatment

• Bruises still appear after treatment. This is a sign of untreated blockage.

• Some may feel pain at pressure point areas particularly at the stomach region. All the client need is to drink a cup of warm water or tea, perform 50 deep breathing exercises once a day, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, and keep his posture straight. Relief will follow after that. Four days after, the client will experience better stamina. He will still need a follow-up treatment to eliminate more blockages in his body.

• Some clients might experience restlessness, loose stool, vomiting, or an outbreak of high fever during treatment after a session of Mongolian Bone Setting and Alignment.

To have his health adjusted after showing negative symptoms, the client may need three to five treatment sessions in succession.

All the above responses require maintenance post evaluation and treatment.

Emily Farish is a licensed acupuncturist in Spokane, WA with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.