New Study Reveals Five-Point Combination Auricular Treatment Can Help Treat Obesity

Obesity can be successfully treated with auricular acupuncture in Jacksonville. This is revealed in a new study that involved using a specific five-point combo of auricular acupuncture points to help reduce weight loss in people who are obese. Auricular acupuncture hunger and obesity treatment are described in the following paragraphs.

A single acupoint auricular treatment also worked fairly well but was not found adequate enough to be considered a clinical success compared to the five acupuncture point combination.

A controlled randomized clinical trial involving 91 subjects with a body mass index (BMI) of 23 or more were classified into three groups. The first group was treated with the five acupuncture point combination. The second group was treated with a single acupuncture point and the third group was administered with sham acupuncture treatment. During the 4th and 6th week of the study, following plan of treatment, clinical efficacy was determined by taking the measurements of each group. It was revealed that at over a six percent decrease in body BMI, the five acupuncture point combination was by far the most effective of the three treatments. The single point acupuncture treatment plan produced just below a 6 percent decrease in BMI while the first and second group manifested substantial improvements in weight loss and BMI.

The first group was treated using the five auricular acupuncture points: endocrine, hunger, abdomen, spleen, and shen men. The second group was treated with only the hunger auricular acupuncture points. The sham group, the third group, was treated at the five auricular acupuncture points; however, the needles were then quickly removed. The one-sided use of the acupuncture needles was applied once each week. Both the first and second groups employed an overall needle time of eight weeks using ear staples, with tiny needles taped to the ear. The third group received only a localized stimulation of the auricle acupuncture points to activate the experience but the acupoints were not employed.

The needles were retained using a distinct form of tape over the eight week period for both the first and second groups. In the sham group, an identical tape hid the absence of needles. The depth of the needle depth was a couple of millimeters deep within the auricular acupoints. The most substantial decrease in BMI and waist circumference was achieved by the five point acupuncture treatment. In this treatment, percentage of body fat significantly decreased but not in the other groups.

For digestive problems, the five auricular acupuncture point combination is commonly used. Duodenal and gastric ulcers are usually resolved with the same combination of auricular shenmen, spleen, mouth, brain, duodenum, and abdominal points. The study used the five acupuncture point weight loss combination that included auricular shenmen which is found at the bifurcating point in the triangular fossa between the inferior and superior antihelix cruz.

Auricular Acupuncture Model

There are a couple of major auricular locations in the spleen acupoint; one is found on the midpoint of the ear’s back side. The other part is found at the superior and lateral aspect of the cavum concha. The cavum concha acupoint is frequently used in clinical settings. The auricular point of the spleen is used for traditionally harmonizing the abdomen and strengthening the spleen. It benefits the muscles and helps manufacture ying-blood. Problems commonly treated with the auricular point of the spleen include digestive disorders such as diarrhea, stomach distention, and uterine bleeding. The auricular acupuncture point of the abdomen is found in the cavum concha at the cruz of the helix’s end. This is the part that’s located at the border of the lower antihelix cruz and the end of the cruz of the helix.

In the five acupuncture point combination, the endocrine acupoint used is found in the intertragic notch in the cavum concha. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, the endocrine acupoint is traditionally used for improving the lower jiao, dispelling wind, tonifying the blood, regulating menstruation, and for treating qi stagnation. It is used for treatment of endocrine system disorders, irregular menstruation, impotence, and skin problems.

The hunger auricular acupoint is found near the facial skin, in the direction of the transitional fold on the lower tragus. This acupoint is used to down-regulate or up-regulate hunger sensations. It can be used to treat digestive issues, bulimia, and anorexia.