Because of free access in the internet to a wide range of information regarding our health, at no time in the history of humanity have we been more concerned about our health and the avoidance of disease. The question then is why are so many people especially in the United States still suffering from degeneration, disease and weight gain? Why are so many people still addicted to unhealthy products like caffeine, sugar and processed flour among others? In the North American continent one of the largest industry is the food manufacturing sector that makes the business of putting food in your plate very lucrative. The sad thing is that the food manufacturing sector is more attracted to profit, not in the improvement of health. Eating empty foods, stripped of important nutrients, weaken our wellbeing but fill the coffers of corporate fat cats.

Why has our food become so unhealthy to eat that it now is more of a health hazard than a source of nutrient and health when eating them?  To feed a modern culture and an ever growing population, the people behind the food industry focus on producing food for mass consumption, causing the food making to become more addictive and practically devoid of important nutrients. The food industry has replaced wholesome, nutrient-rich food for convenience. We now see food in terms of macronutrients and calories rather than see it as nature’s medicine. We now have taste buds that are conditioned to crave more fat, sugar and sodium while at the same time have lost the ability to look for real, wholesome and fresh food.

In spite of these depressing information, we can turn back our unhealthy bodies into one that brims with strength and energy. The modern day plague of chronic degenerative diseases – heart disease, cancer, IBS, diabetes and obesity– can be reversed by eating whole foods.  Real or whole food is seasonal, local or fresh food that is free of additives, unprocessed and unrefined.

Whole food therapy At BodaHealth can include:

  •     A wide ranging nutritional profile and evaluation that will help attain your goals such as immune boosting, hormone balancing, increased energy and weight-loss
  •     A customized and personalized system of whole food choices and preparation that is compatible to your work week schedule
  •     A meal plan for each week that makes you independent of caffeine, sugars and supplements and one where you eat are all the right foods
  •     A shopping guide that is well planned it saves you money, energy and time
  •     Healthful, delectable and simple recipes that everyone you know can eat and LOVE

The manner and what you eat are things you should consider each day to make a permanent and positive change to your health.

For responses to commonly asked questions regarding holistic nutrition you can take a look at our FAQ page.

Zuobiao (Roy) Yuan is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of chinese medicine in Edina, MN.