Pneumonia – Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Pneumonia sufferers need to follow the necessary steps in order to get well and help their condition from worsening. Some healthful tips include:

  • Get enough rest to help build up the immune system
  • Staying true to your treatment course which your doctor has recommended and prescribed – You need to take all the medications that your physician has prescribed. Regardless of how you feel, you need to take all the antibiotics that your doctor has told you to take.  You may start to feel better before you finish the medicine, but you should continue to take it. If you stop too soon, the pneumonia may come back.
  • Talk to your doctor to know when is the good time for you to have a followup care. Your doctor may recommend a chest x ray to verify if your pneumonia has completely resolved or not.

Different people have their own ways in reacting to pneumonia. Some may resolve their condition rather quickly and can return to their normal daily life like within a week while others may eventually see some improvement after a month or more. Most of the time people recovering from pneumonia feel tired for around a month.

Some effective home remedies that one can give for someone with pneumonia can include:

  • Tea – One can prevent pneumonia from developing beyond its early stages by drinking a cup of tea made from fenugreek seeds. This tea causes the body to perspire, expel toxins and lessen fever. One can take daily up to four cups of fenugreek tea and when symptoms gradually improve the number of cups can be reduced as well.  To make the tea more flavorable, honey and some drops of lemon juice can be included to the tea.
  • Garlic – Garlic has very powerful antibiotic properties and can be an effective home remedy for pneumonia. With garlic fever is reduced within a couple of days.
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sarsaparilla roots
  • Parsnip juice – About a quarter of a liter daily of parsnip juice can provide great relief of pneumonia symptoms and makes the lungs function much better.
  • Carrot juice – Carrot juice mixed with cucumber, beet or spinach juice can be a powerful mixture to battle pneumonia infections.
  • Willow bark – This and feverwort tea can lower the fever caused by pneumonia and lessens the discomfort of the patient