Powerful TCM Treatments For Infertility

There are a wide variety of natural healing modalities that can help cure infertility, moxibustion combined with acupuncture is one of them. Moxibustion-acupuncture therapy helps in the health of the entire human being, treating several aspects of the person all at once. This not only includes his body, but his spirit and mind as well. Moxibustion-acupuncture therapy is a holistic whole body healing and is promoted as part of overall health maintenance.

If you have never tried moxibustion-acupuncture or even just acupuncture before, the process may at first appear intimidating. Moxibustion-acupuncture is the art of burning moxa and inserting needles into the body to bring about healing. Prior to treatment, a thorough questioning of the patient and evaluation of his body is done by a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioner. It is much the same to visiting any type of health practitioner’s office.

Based on what he deems needs to be stimulated for healing, the practitioner or acupuncturist selects certain acupuncture points (acupoints) on the body in which to apply burning moxa and insert needles. Using a gentle tap, the needles are inserted into the skin. Then the practitioner places a piece of moxa herb on the top end of the needle and then lights the herb. The heat augments the beneficial effects of the needles resulting in optimal treatment.

Many Overland Park acupuncturists believe that moxibustion combined with acupuncture, greatly increases the curing of infertility. There are several kinds of moxa or moxibustion. Moxa is derived from the word mugosa, which comes from the Artemisia vulgaris or Mugwort plant. During moxibustion treatment, this plant is burned in various ways. The heat from the procedure is designed is to distribute heat to the body site being treated. Moxibustion has been shown to increase flow of blood to the pelvic region, particularly the uterus. This increases the healing qualities of acupuncture. Moxibustion works extremely well for what TCM practitioners refers to as a cold uterus or blood stasis.

How Can Acupuncture Promote Healthy Fertility?

When combined with moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture increases blood flow to the pelvis, normalizes the menstrual cycle, relaxes the uterus and cervix and can even disintegrate small fibroids. Moxibustion-acupuncture can also treat polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and help stabilize hormone levels, especially low progesterone. This also works in relieving anxiety and stress, which frequently occurs with infertility.

Can acupuncture be used as an adjunct to conventional medical fertility therapies?

Yes, actually fertility doctors often suggest acupuncture treatments for patients going through IVF since this ancient modality has been found to clinically boost IVF success rates of by 60 percent.

Who are viable prospects for acupuncture fertility treatments?

People who are diagnosed with luteal phase defect, PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes, and weak pelvic blood are good candidates for acupuncture fertility treatment. Western medicine has no definite diagnosis for infertility, Chinese medicine however, can determine more subtle imbalances that are at the underlying cause of a patient’s infertility.

Can acupuncture infertility treatment also help increase low sperm count and health in men?

Sure, combined with moxibustion and herbal medicine, acupuncture is able to treat sperm morphology issues, count, and mobility. The health of the sperm is tied to a man’s overall health. In TCM, poor sperm health can be resolved by altering the lifestyle and diet of the patient as well as of course undergoing the aforementioned acupuncture-moxibustion and herbal treatment.

What is a cold uterus?

A cold uterus may develop when a woman is exposed to cold outside during her menstrual period or when her midsection is exposed (to cold) allowing the cold to enter her uterus through her umbilicus or open cervix. Cold can cause cramps that can be relieved with moxibustion therapy or any kind of heat therapy to her stomach. Cold produces blood and chi stagnation and if the stagnation is bad enough, can cause problems to her menstrual cycle which can eventually lead to infertility problems. A Cold uterus can be healed via a combination of internally warming herbs and moxibustion.

What is moxibustion and how does it promote fertility?

Moxibustion is a tonifying, moving and warming therapy involving the burning of a dried moxa plant directly or indirectly to the skin to stimulate and warm the uterus.

If you or someone you know suffers from infertility issues like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, etc. or has trouble trying to conceive. You should consider getting anyone of these modalities (moxibustion, acupuncture, or herbal therapy) or all of them and make them a part of your Natural Fertility healing program. If you’ve never tried moxibustion before but have received acupuncture treatments, talk to an acupuncturist if it can be appropriate for you.

You need to remember that if you’re not living a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise or eating a proper diet, acupuncture won’t be as effective as you would want it to be!