Qigong Exercises For A Long, Happy, And Healthy Life

No medicine in the world can equal or even come close to the human body when it comes to healing and regeneration. If people performed the exercises thought by Taoists monks hundreds of years ago, they would have been stronger, happier, healthier individuals and would have gained more self-confidence than they would have ever have.

Most of us believe that we only find strength by facing and overcoming adversity and find harmony by facing strife. Some extremely heartrending experiences such as a death of a loved one, if handled properly and carefully, would lead to a path of healing. The quest toward longevity and health can become increasingly important to people who have lost one or more loved ones during the course of their lives. For me, it was more than two decades ago when, for three months, I watched helplessly as my new born daughter endured her ordeal in the ICU hospital because of the trauma of her birth which led to her severe cerebral palsy. She eventually succumbed to organ failure. Years ago, I lost my dad who died suddenly of a massive heart attack. One of the most painful experiences in my recent life was the death of my beloved younger brother, who also died of a heart attack at a young 54 years of age. I remembered him calling me on the phone asking me if he could stay for a while in my apartment. Since he never gave me an indication of the state of his health, I knew little about his heart condition, which was by then already very dangerous. After he died, I researched online for natural forms of treatment for cardiovascular diseases since I too had high blood pressure, like my brother. While searching online, I stumbled upon a comprehensive, yet simple program that involved a healing technique known as bone-marrow washing or Shih-Shui and healing exercises such as qigong, which is an ideal way to combat heart disease. I had no more reason to keep getting weaker, when my own body has a way to strengthen itself. These activities would require just an hour of my time each day. Some people would complain that an hour each day is a long time for allotting time for exercise but in my condition in which the risk for a stroke or heart attack is very high, this program is worth giving time to.

All people possess this self-healing ability. Everyone wants to live a longer, happier, and healthier life without sickness. To exercise the external parts of our bodies and to look good as well, many of us people will go to health clubs. But usually, they forget about the internal aspects of their bodies, which when nurtured, can eventually improve our appearance and health.

Pharmaceutical medications have recently become an essential aspect of our society. It is traditionally used to treat illness, albeit temporarily, in the West; unfortunately, it is not designed to prevent illness, only to relieve it. However, we have the power within us to heal ourselves. Many government-sanctioned medicines have been shown to cause very harsh side effects, and a lot of pharmaceuticals have been recalled only after wreaking harm to the health of many individuals. Such medicines include products for heart conditions, arthritis, weight loss, and depression. While a medication can relieve a condition, it may be causing a different and more severe type of problem at the same time. For example, HGH or Human Growth Hormone has been shown to cause liver and kidney problems, organ failure, and diabetes. Medications for treatment of ED or Erectile Dysfunction have led to dependency in some men with some using too much that they develop intolerance to the drug or their bodies have just stopped responding to it. For others, the intake of these drugs have caused related side effects. Artificial modes of treatment eventually weaken the body and may ultimately cause the very problem they were intended to fix, if taken over a long period of time.

How many people keep on waking up in the middle of the night due to the urge to urinate? How many people have been found to suffer from breast cancer or prostate cancer? How many of us are suffering from longstanding fatigue, stress, or high blood pressure? How many of us age prematurely? I would be bet many would answer, “I do” to these queries.

The ancient healing exercises that Chinese medicine practitioners recommend to heal and strengthen the inner body are numerous. When daily practiced, these exercises can clean and stimulate your energy channels, known as meridians, and help eliminate any blockages that may impair the movement of chi in your body. Through constant practice, not only will your chi flow freely and become balanced, but your meridians and their associated organs will be in harmony as well allowing you to live a healthy and long life.

What is Chi?

Chi is the life force flowing throughout our body. It is the energy keeps us alive. After hundreds of years of research and practice, the ancient Taoist monks sought ways to manipulate and measure chi in an effort to find some meaningful explanation for this phenomenon. They discovered that when one area of the body is stimulated through needle insertion, cold, heat, or pressure, one other seemingly unassociated part of the body is somehow affected. Certain exercises were then created that could affect the intensity and quantity of chi. In addition, it was shown that chi flowed along specific meridians through the internal organs and various body parts of the body. The meridians that control the flow of chi were intricately delineated by these monks. These are of import to the now extremely complex healing techniques of acupressure and acupuncture wherein millions of people derive helpful benefits today. Despite several tries by Western researchers to explain these observations, the chi flow along the meridians bears no relationship to the human circulatory or nervous systems.

We then use Chi to describe the force that generally serves to maintain most of the functions of our body. It regulates our body temperature and holds the organs in place. Researchers are aware it exists because they can alter, boost, or disrupt its movement. People say the concept of can compare to the idea of electricity, which is extremely difficult to describe. Nonetheless, researchers can unmistakably show that electricity exists because, when touched, it can bring about obvious and “shocking” consequences. Electricity can power motors and can be measured. It does have a low and high voltage. One can amplify it and suppress it by certain actions. Chi, like electricity, is often described by its consequences or attributes. Chi defies attempts to physically observe it and to examine it in science labs. It just is. For the Taoist, this is simply a matter of fact, but for the Western mind, it can be maddening.

Qi Gong Exercises – The Health Benefits

The secret ingredient that makes us feel good and glad to be alive, give bounce in our step, give us that sparkle in our eyes, is an abundance of chi or sexual chi. We feel strong and healthy when we have an abundance of chi in our bodies. It helps us develop a creative and positive attitude toward the challenges that life has to offer while providing us a lot of fun along the way. Chi is the invisible and subtle force that makes us look and feel young. However, our chi diminishes with aging and also from the ravages of life, which leaves us feeling old, tired and weak. Therefore, we obviously want to cultivate, nurture, and preserve, this precious energy in every way we can. When one follows the longevity and health exercises practiced by Taoist monks for centuries, they will eventually develop the bubbling energetic chi running through their meridians. I cannot overemphasize that within us lies our own ‘medicines’ that we can use to prolong our life and heal us based on Taoist philosophy. The inherent secretions of males and females are deemed vital and valuable aspects of life. I recommend preserving these substances for the upkeep of your body and not to discharge them for less important reasons. By performing and eventually mastering these exercises, the life essence of your body hidden inside the sexual hormones will be retained, preserved, and refined by the body for its own regeneration. This way, the diseases and discomforts typically associated with old age will be altogether avoided or at least delayed, without the side effects of drugs. After an extended period of practice, your chi will be strengthened and will flow vigorously and smoothly through your entire body. The unhindered circulation of life force will sharpen your nervous and glandular systems, enhance metabolism, and stimulate the important acupoints that will rejuvenate your body. By doing these exercises, you’ll have perfect control of your physical health and well-being, and you’ll be able to think clearly. Continuous exercise will further promote mental awareness, which will eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment.

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