Qigong Can Be A Very Powerful Experience When Performed In A Group

People performing Qigong often experience a strong pulsation of blood in their body during practice. It usually takes people by surprise when they feel a kind of gentle warmth after just performing a few hand motions. Qigong increases blood low in the body producing lots of energy without a lot of stress or movement.

What is a Qi blockage?

This is a commonly asked question and the answer is simple. A Qi or Chi blockage is a part of the body where illness can occur or a body part where the blood cannot flow through. For instance, a person may suffer from poor digestion or he may have a knot in their stomach. Qigong is able to resolve these problems. When Qi is increased in that region or when a person is relaxed, blood can circulate through the obstructed capillaries. Blood follows wherever Qi goes. Healthy strong people utilize about 60 percent of the circulatory system. This percentage rises when our Qi increases. Blood circulation to the organs and brain is bolstered thereby resulting in the improvement of health. The electrical dimension of Qigong on our nervous system is also a contributing factor to our health.

Using the nine-breath technique and other Qigong breathing methods can help generate total body vibration that anyone can feel. Those electrical pulses flow through the nervous system and reinvigorate us. This same feeling can be experienced in jogging. But in Qigong, your body is completely relaxed, but blood still flows in your body in a powerful way. In Qigong, blood can penetrate body parts that may have been blocked off for years since there is no cortisol release or stress reaction that tends to tighten your blood vessels. Qigong increases blood flow to the forehead and vastly improves digestive function. Jogging exerts huge amounts of energy that is neither relaxing nor calming. In Qigong, you only need to stand still and the same powerful blood circulation occurs while you relax and feel calm. What other exercise can boast of endowing you with such excellent benefits?

Qigong is a Must for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are at risk of being drained out by taking care of so many sick patients. This is very true for a lot of nurses, therapists, and caregivers who sometimes need to attend to so many patients during their shift. Many Qigong practitioners are now training a lot of these professionals each year and practically all of them complain that they feel completely drained every day. Massage therapists usually deal with the pains and aches of their clients. Medical specialists are so often exposed to a kind of “Energy Information Signal” that they become affected with the same conditions they are exposed to. What should a healer do to avoid falling to these stress and illnesses? They should practice the art of Qigong which can easily purify their energies. Some nurses I know who have been practicing qigong for months say they are no longer affected by the energy of other people. Now they have the strength and energy to finish their shifts.

The Media and Qigong

With the growing popularity of Qigong in this country, the media is slowly picking up the buzz surrounding the mystery and usefulness of this ancient healing art. It won’t take long before Qigong is embraced by the mainstream American audience. It is backed by thousands of clinical studies proving that it can treat diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Why it is Much Better Practicing Qigong in a Group

In Qigong, healing arises when a person elevates his energy powerful enough to force itself through the blockages of the circulatory and nervous system. Whatever is touched by Qi will be reinvigorated by it; unfortunately, we are often blocked and so require an energy boost powerful enough to clear the vessels so that the blood and Qi can flow smoothly to the affected areas.

Some schools that teach Qigong require the skill of a powerful and veteran master to convey powerful energy for that incipient boost. After training personally with seven high level masters, the best way to initiate the healing process is to immerse oneself in a large field of energy. The ancient Chinese were aware of this and they usually gathered thousands of people at a time and in no time at all, people were getting up from their wheel chairs. In our Qigong seminar, a retired nurse came in sitting in a wheelchair. On the fourth day, she was walking laps around the huge studio room.

Honestly speaking, Qigong can be extremely powerful, but this power is set into overdrive when it is amped up in a group. Each of us has our own magnetic field. When three or more people practice together, the outcomes treble, at least. A tremendous field of energy is generated than any of us could create on our own at a huge Qigong event. Being part of the energy field of a group is the quickest way to derive the strong healing powers of Qigong and galvanize your expansion of energy.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.