Shiatsu Massage Therapy Can Help Relieve Various Psychological And Physical Problems

A lot of mental and physical problems are better addressed by seeing a qualified medical doctor; however, alternative and complementary treatments and medicines can significantly help in making these conditions better. Alternative therapies such as shiatsu massage are actually becoming much relied on and well-trusted by many people these days. Even Hollywood personalities and celebrities seek treatment from alternative practitioners, therapists, and doctors to improve their overall health and well being.

Shiatsu massage is one of those procedures a lot of people rely on to uplift their spiritual condition and improve their health. It can very much help better your condition if you’re suffering from psychological and physical complaints.

While this therapy does not totally relieve body disorders such as headaches anxiety, muscle cramps, depression, pulled muscles, stress, nausea, or stiffness it is believed to help people by applying pressure on the affected pressure points on various parts of the body.

Shiatsu massage is actually a Chinese type of acupressure treatment although its name comes from two Japanese words “shi,” meaning finger, and “atsu,” meaning pressure. Sometimes it is called Zen shiatsu. Through its philosophy of balancing energy, shiatsu massage unites the spiritual, medical and philosophical levels of the body.

Zen Shiatsu Massage

In Western countries, Zen shiatsu massage has become a very popular form of therapy. Massage procedures have developed fusing them with the belief that vital or life energy, known as qi or chi flows through energy channels called meridians. If the flow of energy is moving smoothly along the meridians, it carries powerful positive energy which fetches away negative energy and eliminates toxins from the body.

From time to time, however, chi flow eventually becomes blocked and stagnates, which upsets the Yin and Yang of the body or the natural balance of energy causing your body to become psychologically or physically sick. To help free the person of this condition, the blocked energy channels needs to be cleared and chi flow restored back through the use of shiatsu massage.

Another explanation from the Eastern viewpoint doesn’t view indigestion, swollen joints, depression, or headaches as sources of discomfort; they are actually signs or symptoms indicating the existence of a hyperactive or underproductive chi, either which causes the illness. The Eastern perspective believes that shiatsu massage therapy can treat all these conditions.

How Is Shiatsu Administered?

Before the therapist administers shiatsu massage, he or she must first make a diagnosis of your problem to identify or assess where the chi or energy may be siphoned or blocked or where it flows healthily. Your therapist will ask if you are suffering from certain ailments. After that, he or she will administer a few light massages to identify any stiff or tender pressure points in your body. Then firm pressure will be applied on the pressure points after the diagnosis that can run along the 14 meridians of your body, through the use of the therapist’s pairs of feet, elbows, knees, knuckles, palms, thumbs or fingers.

It is advised that clients wear thin, comfortable, and loose garments so they may be comfortable during the therapy as shiatsu massage is performed on clients with their clothes fully on. Expect deep breathing as well as rotating, manipulating, and stretching of your pressure points as you are given the therapy. While this is normal, also expect a slightly uncomfortable sensation after the massage.

Getting shiatsu massage therapy, performing physical workout every day, leading a healthy lifestyle, and following a proper diet can help you achieve an improved sense of well being. Having shiatsu massage therapy on a daily basis for healing purposes can also turn it into a form of preventative therapy on certain psychological and health problems.

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