The Ancient Art Of Chinese Rejuvenation

The story below will be of great interest for people interested in skin rejuvenation who are seeking a way to reduce fine lines and eye wrinkles.

A young-looking Chinese woman on September 30, 2005, was touring Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, when she decided to see what’s inside of a casino. Tian Yang, the woman’s name, had never seen a casino before as China has strict laws that forbade gambling. She was stopped by a security officer as she tried to enter the front entrance-way. The security officer asked Ms. Yang to show proof of her age. Since it is the job of the security officer to make sure that no one under the age of 19 enters the casino in violation of Ontario law, there was nothing unusual about his request.

Tian Yang pulled out her passport. As the officer checked her identification, he was shocked to see that Yang would be turning 50 on her next birthday. Guy Fader, an ex Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and his wife Mary Lou witnessed this event and you can guarantee that this story has been told to the acquaintances, family, and friends of the Faders after witnessing this amazing development. To the Canadian husband of Tian Yang, this came as no surprise as he is used to this type of thing happening all the time ever since she married her young looking and beautiful Chinese wife.

Unknown to the people beholding the security officer’s age check of Tian Yang was a Grand Master of the ancient art of Chinese rejuvenation: Tian Yang herself. Even in most parts of China, Chinese rejuvenation is a hidden mysterious art, and Tian Yang is living proof of her deep understanding of this art. She was born and grew up in southwestern China in Chongqing, the only place where the technique of rejuvenation has been refined in apparently unbelievable levels.

Despite her youthful appearance, Tian Yang emphasizes that her youthful look should not be and was not the objective of the art of Chinese rejuvenation but merely a side effect. The aim of a person should always be to rejuvenate the entire body so that health can be improved, and the body’s biological age markers are rejuvenated or reduced in order to prolong a person’s quality of life. She also said that having a long life, for instance, like living a hundred years or so, is only advantageous if one experiences a vital and joyous quality of life. Longevity cannot be extended by withering away in a nursing home. This type of longevity is merely extending life, usually, via artificial medical intervention.

Nonetheless, the technique used by Tian Yang has helped prevent the rise of aging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles in her face. It is of huge interest to people living in the modern Western world. The art of Chinese rejuvenation does not require any injections, lotions, or crèmes, can be done almost anytime and anywhere, and practically costs nothing. The technique or method by which Tian Yang eliminates, lessens, or prevents wrinkles and fine lines is a literal translation of the Chinese language, “acupoint massage”.

The acupoints on a person’s face are located on ten important areas in the face. Each point is influential in preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If you haven’t harmed your body with excessive sun exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle, acupoint massage can even help banish your fine lines and wrinkles. The “Tong Tsi Liao” is one such point that can be found on the eyes’ outer edge. When these points are administered with acupoint massage, it can help minimize the circles and swelling around the eyes. A by-product of acupoint massage is its ability to alleviate headaches. One administers this massage by pressing not too hard but firmly the acupoint using the pointer finger, massaging the point in a circling manner about ten times very slowly. When this is done, it is the Chinese believe that the person’s vital energy or Chi becomes unblocked and stimulated which thus results in the rejuvenation of the skin. While this may sound a bit arcane, nevertheless, it apparently works. The appearance of Tian Yang’s is strong proof that her system works.

Tammi A. Jones is a licensed acupuncturist in Palm Harbor, FL. and the founder and clinical director of Synoma Wellness Centre.