The Five Gentle, Peaceful, and Slow Exercises of Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa is a series of five easy to learn, slow, and gentle exercises.

First Exercise

Buddha Revealing the Thousand Hands

The stretching of the body is at the core of this exercise. The stretching activates the energy under the skin and inside the body so that it vigorously flows, releasing areas where energy is stuck, and automatically imbibes a generous amount of chi or energy from the universe. This allows all of the energy channels or meridians in the body of the practitioner to open at the onset.

For the improvement of the body, Falun Dafa has five sets of easy- to-learn and gentle exercises. You can practice them anytime and anywhere with no restrictions. These exercises are most appropriate for people living in modern society.

Second exercise

Falun Standing Posture

This is a standing and peaceful meditation made up of four wheel-holding positions. Regular practice of this exercise will expedite the entire opening of your whole body. The Falun Standing Stance is an all-inclusive way to cultivate and strengthen your divine powers, potency, and wisdom.

Third Exercise

Piercing the two Cosmic Extremes

This exercise channels the energy of the Universe and co-mingles it with the energy in your body. During this exercise, a considerable amount of energy is released and imbibed that allows the practitioner to purify his body within a very short period of time.

Fourth exercise

Falun Cosmic Flow Exercise Principle

This exercise causes the body’s energy to flow smoothly over large areas of the body not only in one or more meridians, but from the whole side of yin to the entire side of yang in the body, back and forth repeatedly.

Fifth exercise

Bolstering Divine Powers Exercise

The Strengthening Divine Powers Exercise is a cultivating and peaceful exercise. It originally was a secret exercise and is a notch above the intermediate level. The practitioner is required to sit with both of his legs crossed when performing this exercise. The flow of energy around the body during the exercise is significantly large. The better will be the outcome the longer the legs are crossed. It is based on the endurance of the practitioner.