The Reasons Why Chinese People Tend To Live Healthier Longer Lives

Research has shown that in the West, more and more younger people are getting sick and some, even dying, due to man-made maladies brought on by unhealthy diets, mindsets, and habits. It seems that a better respect and understanding for the human system has been accumulated by the Chinese that have allowed them to live healthier and longer lives. Listed below are the basic reasons why this is so:

1. For the Chinese, food is not looked on as an enemy; however, in the West, where food is abundant, the fashion industry has bred societies of malnourished women. The Chinese consider food not as a way to gain excess weight but as merely as a way to attain basic nourishment.

2. The Chinese also utilize food as medicine and prefer it more to toxic pharmaceutical drugs for the curing of ailments. For example, to facilitate digestion or cure colds, chili and garlic are used as a means to counteract toxins.

3. These people also have been the greatest promoters of Green Tea, an herbal remedy famous for neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals that’s believed to damage cells, accelerate aging, and cause cancer.

4. In the West, exercise is seen as something tedious and difficult to do and thus should be avoided like the plague. On the other hand, the Chinese emphasize passive exercises like tai chi, an extremely gentle activity that does not run counter to the natural tendencies and rhythm of the human body. This exercise is appropriate for all ages due to its gentle and slow movements and can be done anywhere. Tai chi’s easy pace also de-clutters the mind and uplifts the spirit. It is done not so much as to rectify the harm done by overeating but as a way to maintain a natural balance between the body and the mind.

5. The Chinese usually eat until they’re comfortably full and satiated. Most people in the West either eat too little or too much. When our personal aims aren’t based on satisfaction and health, we oftentimes follow the whims of the diet industry where profit rather than health is its primary goal.

6. The typical American diet tends to be a bit dry and the liquids ingested are alcohol and sugary soda drinks or fruit juices. At every meal, the Chinese have a soup-based dish packed with nutrients that can help prevent the tendency to overeat and to fill the stomach before the meal proper.

7. In Chinese nutritional therapy, vegetables play a very important role in health, way above carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, etc.) and protein (pork, chicken, beef, etc.). They are considered meals themselves.

8. Compared to the processed foods served in the West, on a typical Chinese table, foods served are usually a lot fresher. This means that they get more nutritional value from their foods compared to the genetically modified organisms offered by the food industry that has no nutritional value whatsoever can even be dangerous to your health when consumed. Unfortunately, the Chinese government is now also one of the biggest producers of GMO products in the world today.

9. Compared to people in the West, especially in the States who often eat a lot of calories and are usually not active, the Chinese on the whole, are a lot fitter and slimmer. They tend to eat foods that are richer in nutrients than calories and so they hardly have any issue with their weight and overall health.

10. The word calorie has no equivalent in the Chinese language.

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