Tinnitus Lifestyle and Home Remedies

No type of conventional medicine has been created yet to cure tinnitus; regardless of this, certain natural and holistic tinnitus treatments including home remedies are available to help alleviate its symptoms making hearing much easier and ear discomfort greatly lessened for the tinnitus sufferer.

Foods and Supplements

Ginkgo biloba – This herb helps enhance circulation to the brain, head and neck. Furthermore, Ginkgo biloba alleviates inflammation in blood vessels which helps improve blood flow to the capillaries nourishing the nerves along the ear. Using ginkgo may not be a quick solution for your tinnitus though and it may take a while for the problem to be relieved. This herb can be most effective when used in combination with other treatments to relieve tinnitus or other noises in the ears.

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) – Random clinical trials that were published by the Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery journal in 2007 revealed how CoEnzyme Q10 can be beneficial for tinnitus sufferers. The trials found out that CoQ10 helps reduce tinnitus noises in the ears in certain degrees depending on the nature of the subject’s condition.

The use of CoQ10 enables the cells mitochondria to reenergize helping prevent strokes and heart attacks and also helping improve circulation in the ears relieving tinnitus symptoms in the process. A dosage of 200 mg of high potent easily absorbable CoQ10 a day is recommended for the treatment of tinnitus. You can talk to your natural health practitioner for customized dosing guidelines.

Caffeine – This substance should avoided for sufferers of certain health problems including tinnitus as it constricts the blood vessels, especially the capillaries, lessening the flow of blood to the ears, neck and head. This effect can lead to the exacerbation of your tinnitus symptoms.

Salt – Consuming high amounts of salt elevates blood pressure leading to hypertension and tinnitus. If you are particularly sensitive to the ill effects of sodium, then you need to avoid or at least minimize your salt intake. This is an important step in assisting you to reduce your blood pressure and help you to lessen the ringing in your ears as well.

Noise management

Loud noises – Protect your ears from being exposed to loud music and noises that can lead to ear damage. Loud noises can also greatly amplify the symptoms of tinnitus sufferers and can be extremely painful to them as well.

White noise – You can utilize a white noise fan or generator during your sleep to drown out or mask the tinnitus noises. This will help bring relief for some tinnitus sufferers. The white noise generated by these devices creates a pleasant sound that dims the noises that tinnitus causes.

Mechanical Solutions

Wax buildup –A lot of individuals with tinnitus can suffer from loss of hearing due to the accumulation of wax in their ears. The American Tinnitus Association had advised that if you feel that wax in your ears maybe affecting your hearing, you need to consult with an audiologist or ear doctor to have your ears examined and the condition evaluated prior to utilizing more aggressive steps. When your doctor takes out the excess ear wax, you may be able to regain your normal hearing function as well as have the noise from your tinnitus reduced or stopped.

Finger drumming technique – This method may also aid in the lessening of your tinnitus symptoms. The finger drumming technique is done by putting the palms of your hands over the ears and with your fingers at the back of your head with the middle fingers pointing toward each another and positioned just above the base of your skull. You then need to put your index fingers over your middle fingers and snap the index fingers onto the skull to cause a drumming and loud sound. This procedure should be performed forty to fifty times. This technique has provided positive effects for certain individuals with tinnitus. You can do this technique many times a day for as much as you can to help reduce tinnitus noise.

Dr. Cui Han is a Florida licensed acupuncture physician and the founder of AcuHealing Medical Center in Miami, FL.