Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments Used to Fight Lupus

For lupus, doctors tend to prescribe a variety of medications including immunosuppressive drugs, high-dose corticosteroids, antibody-benlysta, topical corticosteroids, corticosteroids, and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications). In progress are more clinical trials striving to discover a more effective solution. The perception of Chinese medicine of these drugs is that they are non-natural agents that are unable to convey heat (yang) energy from nature, such as plants and the sun, to the body. These medications are known as “cold property” substances that cause the energy or qi of the heart to force energy to move down because of the cold. Hence, it tends to disrupt menstrual cycles which then cause other sorts of problems. In addition, these medicines have negative side effects that are already labeled in their packages by pharmaceutical companies that sell them.

From heart conditions caused by altered menstrual flow, one ought to know what the underlying cause of lupus is and know what type of treatment people suffering from this disease need.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Treatments for Lupus


Acupuncture is used to release vital energy (qi) from blockages that have arisen in the meridians. Total body function from the cellular level and up improves with the flow of qi. Metabolized body wastes are then released and cells are supplied with adequate nutrition. The energy that flows carries away toxins and waste as well as bad blood and excess water helping the immune system to function optimally. Long term health is stimulated through acupuncture because body’s ability to heal itself improves with a balanced flow of energy.

Lifestyle Modifications

Healthy lifestyle modifications can include not abusing yourself and going to bed early. Not abusing yourself means avoiding an active or complicated social life, overwork, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and too much stress.

Diet Changes

This means not drinking cold drinks and eating certain healthy food foods. Consume foods that are proper for your body constitution, and eat in a happy environment. Avoid dietary products that may result in edema (water retention) particularly in the spleen. These products also tend to alter body metabolism, can affect the female hormone and disrupt normal hormone balance and hormone secretion. Exclude from your diet soda, coffee, food additives, GMOs, refined sugar and processed foods because they all can lead to health problems. We consider a good diet as one consisting of whole natural foods. In Chinese medicine, a good dining experience is highly advised for good health. Eating in a happy environment with an appreciative mind is very important as this helps avoid illnesses associated with foods and enhance the ability of the body to absorb nutrition.

Chinese Exercises

One especially helpful Chinese exercise for lupus sufferers is Qi gong. This activity can help boost energy flow which betters organ balance and functions.


This form of TCM treatment is a heat therapy designed to help improve body functions and warm up the body. TCM practitioners burn an herb known as Ai Ye (mugwort or Artemisia argyi), a traditional Chinese herb placed over a combination of acupoints on the body. When burned, mugwort generates a strong heat that unblocks qi flow, warms the meridians, clears out harmful accumulation of phlegm, water, blood, and qi and enhances the functions of the bodily organs.

Herbs are used to restore balance in the body, and more importantly resolve the underlying root of the problem. When in good health, the organs of the body are in homeostasis (in equilibrium). This helps regulate the hormone levels, which stabilizes emotional health, and which, in turn improves overall well-being.

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