Auricular Acupuncture Can Help Curb Your Craving For Food

Auricular acupuncture in Bellingham fact files show that the treatment can help a lot of people lose weight. Auricular acupuncture has much in common with its Asian cousin – traditional body acupuncture. Various healthcare facilities across the US now provide this goal-oriented treatment to people who may be figure or health conscious. Folks who aren’t that keen in undergoing invasive techniques or taking toxic medications may find this non-complex and simple technique most welcoming.

Stimulating the Ear to Reduce Food Craving

Auricular acupuncture targets the nerve endings or pressure points of the ears that are connected directly to the brain. When these pressure points are stimulated, a person can reduce his food craving, which in turn, curbs excessive dietary intake. Rather than using needles that can be discomforting and painful, mild electrical currents are used to block and intercept brain signals that demand more food.

Among people who take the therapy seriously with a strong will and determination to lose weight, auricular acupuncture has consistently been shown to work on them. Some may lose weight faster than others while others tend to report a slow but gradual reduction of their weight. Regular workouts and exercises can help bolster metabolism, and shed excess pounds more quickly. Many clinics permit patients to schedule treatment. For those who lead a hectic lifestyle, this makes it all the more easy and convenient.

Auricular acupuncture therapy takes only about 30 minutes to finish and is offered on an outpatient basis. In a lot of instances, one or a couple of therapy sessions are all one needs to reduce weight. Even individuals burdened with addiction to food who have tried the therapy have found it very effective in controlling their craving. They are now able to lead a healthy and more active lifestyle and overcome lethargy.

Healing with Instant Benefits

Auricular acupuncture can help you lose weight with instant benefits. This technique, which has been relied on for over three decades, has no side effects or complications and is totally safe. In addition, it often produces extra benefits to the body by increasing the flow of blood, stimulating the immune system, relaxing nerves, relieving stress, stimulating brain function and addressing a number of common health disorders such as insomnia.