Chinese Medicine And Cerebral Palsy Symptoms

Differentiation of syndrome and therapy

The healing principles of cerebral palsy revolve around tonifying the kidney and consolidating the spleen in order to strengthen body resistance. Treatment of deficiency syndromes involves the increase of blood to the brain, supplementation of Qi, strengthening of the spleen, resupplying bone marrow and renal essence, tonifying the brain, nourishing the liver and tonifying the kidney.

Some cerebral palsy patients suffering from internal stagnation of dampness and phlegm and blood stasis that block the brain are treated respectively by refreshing the brain, halting internal wind, tonifying the spleen, promoting spleen, resolving blood stasis and stimulating blood circulation.

1. Consumption and deficiency of body fluid and Yin

Main signs and symptoms: rapid and thready pulse, glossy and deep red tongue, night sweating, fissured and dry lips with concurrent fever, myoatrophy, and paralysis of the limbs.

Plan of treatment: to promote the production of body fluid and to nourish Yin.

2. Blood and Qi deficiency

Main signs and symptoms: a weak and thready pulse, pale tongue with thin coating, pale complexion, retardation of phonation, no restlessness and cry, sluggish expression and oligophrenia.

Plan of treatment: to induce resuscitation, tonify the brain, nourish blood and supplement Qi.

3. Spleen Qi deficiency

Main signs and symptoms: a weak and thready pulse, pale tongue with white coating, loose stools, distention in abdomen, weak appetite, frequent external extension of the tongue, endless elevation or masticatory atonia with flaccidity of the lips, shortness of breath without the desire for speaking, paralysis of the limbs and lassitude.

Plan of treatment: the supplement Chi and tonify the spleen.

4. Yin deficiency of the kidney and liver

Main signs and symptoms: a rapid and thready pulse; red tongue; occasional epileptoid onset; dysphasia; facial distortion; unstable walking; in case of standing, feet spasm; athetosis; nape and neck stiffness and lower limb paralysis.

Plan of treatment: to suppress yang, stop internal wind, tonify and nourish the kidney and liver.
5. Renal essence deficiency

Main signs and symptoms: a thready and weak pulse; whitish coating in the tongue; difficulty in standing, sitting or lifting the head; slurred speech; unclosure of fontanel; hypophrenia; retarded development and paralysis of limbs in disuse caused by weakness and thinning.

Plan of treatment: the tonification of the brain in the kidney and replenish bone marrow and renal essence.

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