Qi Gong, The Ideal Exercise Of The Modern Era

You’ve probably seen someone practicing Qigong after seeing a person exercising in a slow fluid-like motion. To people who don’t what Qi Gong is and to those who are used to intense cardiovascular workouts, Qigong may seem like an exercise that defies the conventions of modern exercise.

Qigong (also called Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese exercise that is both relaxing and powerful at the same time. This technique is designed to balance and smoothen the flow of vital energy called Chi in the body. As with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Cleveland, Qigong’s ultimate goal is to teach practitioners how to prevent disease and to maintain wellness instead of searching for a cure after the illness has already occurred.

Qigong can be practiced by everyone, especially by people who are extremely sick and are seeking to restore their depleted energy. It is also ideal for healthy practitioners who want to increase or maintain their strength and wholesomeness. If they perform their techniques correctly, these practitioners can experience amazing improvements instantly as they combine breathe regulation, meditation, and slow movement into their exercise. For new practitioners, the very doing of these techniques is like a timeout to the hectic lives they have been living. The slow-motion movements espoused in Qigong can be relaxing and they can view their life in new ‘holistic’ viewpoints. This is why in several medical studies, people who perform Qigong regularly have strong resistance to disease, strong blood flow, and reduced stress.

Qigong has developed into a very powerful healing art in the realm of complementary medicine because of its outstanding success in many of the medical studies. It is now integrated into the healthcare programs of many hospitals where it has shown to provide healing from light to severe conditions like anxiety, arthritis, asthma, cancer, coronary heart disease, depression, hypertension, insomnia, and many more.

Despite being relatively new to Western medicine, Qigong is an official form of healing therapy in China where it began about 5,000 years ago.