Recovering Your Zest for Life With Chinese Medicine

The methods of Chinese medicine have been tested over time helping us enjoy and achieve everyday wellness and our daily living goals. A few of the benefits that Chinese medicine can provide us are as follows:

o Good digestion
o Strong bones and teeth
o A trim body
o Healthy skin
o Adequate and quality sleep
o Stress relief

Challenges that tend to offset these benefits would usually force people to go and see a medical professional. Chinese medicine can actually be used along with your physician’s recommendations because the focus of Chinese medicine is in the balancing of your body, spirit, and mind. Think about this when you need to see your medical doctor. The results of combining Chinese medicine and conventional Western treatment are usually a whole lot better than opting for a standard form of treatment alone.

In Western society, we are used to think of life’s many joys and challenges as unrelated to each other and compartmentalized. If, for example, we are faced with difficult social, business, or spiritual situations, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that we would bring those issues up at your meeting with your doctor. They are usually deemed as separate issues, in Western culture.

This is where Chinese medicine and Western medicine differ. The Taoist philosophy that underpins Chinese medicine considers everything in the universe as interrelated. All aspects and facets of a person’s life are part and parcel of a larger reality. All things that are in the world influence each other in one way or another, and consciously or unconsciously figure into one great balance. This connection becomes even more evident in the life and world of a person: his work, environment, friends, family, spirit, and health – they all work together to bring either imbalance or balance in that individual.

When we take these emotional-physical connections into account, we can understand why Chinese medicine is applied to a social issue of a person, an issue you probably wouldn’t think of bringing up with your medical doctor.

Building Stronger Relationships is Your Goal

Are you stuck in a one-sided, unsatisfying relationship? Do you have problems giving and receiving as you would really like to? Or are you obsessing or having strong feelings over someone whom you know you’ll never have? Do you have a real connection to other people? Do you feel alone? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is a yes for a lot of people. This leads to sadness, disappointment, and isolation in their lives.

What Can Chinese Medicine Do for You?

Chinese medicine can strengthen and support your Heart Meridian and help you develop a bond between yourself and others. The center of your spirit and emotions is your heart which is associated with joy, relationship, and love. Balance to this meridian can be restored by communication, honesty, trust, and openness to others and to yourself. Eating a healthy diet of moderate spices, pitted fruits, broccoli, kale, and spinach can also contribute to the health of this meridian and help you recover your zest for life. Your heart can be calmed by quieting your mind which can be done through Meditation.

Sometimes, you might encounter problems that may not be entirely physical, but nevertheless, can still affect your contentment with life and your sense of well-being. If that comes, you can turn to the wisdom of the ancients and apply it to your life. A practitioner of Chinese medicine or a qualified and licensed acupuncturist might just be able help you guide you back the right path. And while seeking these natural healers, try the solutions mentioned above. The stunning outcomes will surprise you.

Cindy Chamberlain is a licensed acupuncturist of Eastern Healing Solutions, LLC in Overland Park, KS.