The Growing Popularity Of Acupressure In The West

A growing number of people in the West are now discovering the wonderful healing benefits of acupressure. This ancient Chinese healing technique in Bellmore involves the application of manual pressure on acupoints on the body in order to heal the patient.

One of the best things about acupressure is that it is very easy to learn and you can perform it on yourself and on others once you know how it’s done. This therapy especially benefits the three major organ systems of the body:

The Spleen – The acupoint connected to the Spleen system is located in the lower calf muscle above the bone of the inner ankle.

The Liver – The acupoints related to the organ system are found between the big toe and the second toe.

Large Intestine – The acupressure points for the Large Intestine systems are found between the forefinger and the thumb.

These acupoints should be massaged for about 5 to 10 minutes each day. One can obtain the best results when both sides of the body are massaged using acupressure therapy. The acupoints should be correctly chosen and the pressure should be properly applied in order to avoid any problems with the muscles.

If a person is interested in locating the exact acupressure points, he or she can read books or articles online in order to get the best acupressure treatment they can possibly have. Many books provide a pictorial representation of the acupressure points in order to make it easy for others to locate the right pressure points to massage.

If you are interested in receiving a most appropriate acupressure massage, we recommend that you talk to a licensed and qualified acupuncturist prior to actually performing the treatment on yourself and/or on others. This is because the acupuncturist is in a better position to instruct a person on how to use the proper movements and techniques at the exact acupressure points.

Acupuncturists are people who specialise in the art of healing through acupressure and have a thorough knowledge about the science of acupressure and the related pressure points. They are the best people who would know what would be the limiting pressure to be applied for a particular region and for a particular benefit. The benefits of acupressure treatment can be well explained by an acupuncturist who has been practising the therapy for many years.

There are certain conditions under which acupressure is not recommended. Hence it becomes absolutely necessary to consult an acupuncturist before starting the healing therapy of acupressure for health benefits. Books may provide basic knowledge about the science behind the beneficial acupressure treatments, but only an experienced acupuncturist would be in a position to deliver the exact treatment at the exact pressure points for a particular benefit to be achieved.

Acupressure is no doubt an effective method of treatment for a healthy lifestyle, but it should be done under an experienced acupuncturist.