Various Qi Gong Exercises For Specific Forms Of Health Problems

Qi gong is a series of gentle exercises which is similar to Tai Chi. It is one of the most effective types of cancer management and cancer-prevention exercises that originated in China.

Aside from helping the practitioner increase the levels of oxygen in his body to detoxify the body, the movements performed in qi gong movements can also positively affect his internal organ systems in a powerful way.

In Chinese medicine, some qi gong exercises, for instance, focus on the immune system by clearing blockages in the large intestine and lung energy channels to boost immunity and the ability of the body to heal faster post surgery or when faced with deadly diseases such as cancer.

Some qi gong movements such as the Taoist Five Kidney movement work on the reproductive organs to prevent reproductive diseases such as ovarian or cervical cancers, fibroids, ovarian cysts, prostate cancers and enlarged prostate and to enhance fertility.

Some movements in qi gong focus on the abdomen and spleen can be integrated with qi gong self massage to alleviate nausea (often felt by individuals receiving radiation or chemotherapy).

An appropriate qi gong workout gently simulates all of the internal organs to generate strength beyond muscular or cardiovascular levels and to reinvigorate health.

If you are on the lookout for an experienced qi gong teacher to relieve the symptoms of reproductive organ pathologies such as prostate cancer, you need to ask the one you are considering if he has experience with the clinical uses of qi gong. These instructors should have been trained to personalize movements to properly heal various types of cancer.

In order to attain health benefits, one should perform 30 minutes of qi gong exercises a day, although even shorter times of exercise can also produce significant benefits. We recommend performing exercises for at least one to three minutes of lightly distributed exercises throughout the day in order to get an accumulated 30 – 45 minutes of qi gong exercises each day. This approach can give people who have no set time to practice of qi gong can still integrate it smoothly into their lives in order to improve their health.

Boosting the Energy of Your Immunity with Qi Gong Self Massage

Some of the qi gong self massage techniques to strengthen your immune system:

Lung Meridian

When this meridian or energy channel is massaged, it helps promote the release of disappointment, grief, or sadness. It helps strengthen immunity by stimulating the metal organ of the large intestine.

Tap the left side of the chest vigorously as well as the left arm’s inner side, the inside of the thumb, and toward the inner side of the wrist, arms, lower arms, and elbows.

Repeat the procedure on the right side of the chest going down right thumb’s and right arm’s inner side.

Large Intestine Meridian

When this meridian is massaged, it helps to promote release of disappointment, grief, or sadness. Massaging the Large Intestine Meridian also stimulates the metal organ of the large intestine that helps strengthen immunity.

In performing this massage, slap and tap vigorously (using your right hand) the top side of your left index finger from the nail bed, the finger and to the wrist and hand.

Keep on slapping and tapping the top of your wrist to your elbow’s top side. Keep on tapping the top of your upper arm to the sides of your neck and shoulder. Use small circular motions when massaging the area near your right nostril.

Repeat the slapping and tapping on your right arm to the top of the right index finger, towards the hand and wrist. Continue the procedure on your elbow and on your neck and the top of your upper arm. Use small circular motions when massaging the area near your left nostril.

We need to point out that before one embarks on new exercise regimens it is important to first consult their healthcare providers or doctors. This article should not be used a replacement for conventional western medical care or as a guide to diagnose or resolve any medical condition.

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