Traditional Chinese Medicine Sports And Exercises Techniques

Sports Medicine is a branch of healthcare involving the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of exercise or sports-related injuries. There are a number of healing techniques within Chinese Medicine in Bellingham to specifically address musculoskeletal problems, rehabilitation, and pain. Exercise and Sports Medicine (which is bracketed under the term Sports Medicine) encourages an active lifestyle, whether a person is sedentary or already active. Sports Medicine, for the career athlete, will aid in pushing the boundaries of physical performance in the quest for sports excellence.

The treatment of ‘sports’ injuries developed historically from battle injuries and the practice of martial arts. The outcomes of war and training for the martial arts were soreness, aching muscles, bruises, strains, sprains, fractures, and even wounds. These were the unavoidable consequences of war and of training in the defense arts and led the phrase ‘to learn to kill or injure also means also to learn to heal’.

Alongside the development of ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine,’ there sprang a practice known as traumatology or ‘Martial Arts medicine’. Treatment strategies utilized in Chinese Sports medicine is quite complex. They involve approaches to help regenerate body tissue, halt infection, alleviate swelling and inflammation, and eliminate pain. Healing techniques include acupuncture, Chinese massage known as Special Zheng Gu Tuina (bone-setting tuina), and external and internal herbal remedies, among others. As is typical in the practice of Chinese Medicine, in the forefront of treatment is injury and disease prevention. Qigong is a form of Chinese mind body method that involves a set of deliberate motions that stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons (while the internal organs are massaged) to strengthen the body and make it more resilient to damage and injury.

Many practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine of today follow an effective but unique system of medicine in which Modern Sports Therapy techniques, Exercise/Rehabilitation Science, and Chinese traditional bone setting is applied. This strategy is a very effective way to enhance performance in sports, and rehabilitate and manage trauma and injury.

Traditional Chinese Trauma Medicine (Die Da Medicine/Traumatology)

Die Da medicine can facilitate the healing process and boost athletic performance. Body or Iron Palm practices are specialized skills that were always augmented with customized Die Da Herbal formulas.

TCM Orthopedics (Zheng Gushu, Bone Setting)

Bone setting practitioners in Northern China, where the Zheng Gu (Orthopedics & Bone Setting) methods were developed, would deal with bone fractures and related trauma for hundreds of years before surgery was ever practiced. However, the greatest abilities lie in the strengthening, restoring, repairing of the musculoskeletal system. To help patients enormously, practitioners of zheng gushu worked with customized deep tissue and alignment techniques.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Sports Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy

In the modern era, athletes tend to compete harder, faster, and more often than before. The levels of stress they place on their body are enormous that many fall to injury and fatigue. Traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy has its roots in traditional massage, and has now developed into an extremely all-inclusive series set of techniques that include sports and fitness nutrition, kinesio taping, rehabilitation exercises, and physical therapy. Australia is a country that excels in global sporting events even though its population is smaller than Korea or Japan. The country’s Physiotherapy Department has helped maintained that success.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Healing Technology and Equipment

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Science experiences, practitioners assist in a wide range of medical treatments using the most modern healing technology. This includes Shock wave Therapy, Interference Wave Therapy, Laser Therapy, Electro Herbal Therapy, Frequency simulation, and Ultrasound Therapy. They augment the traditional methods and effectively and quickly bring about results.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Exercise and Rehabilitation Science

The Taoists where the pioneers of traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Actually, the first ever practitioners were called the Followers of the Natural Way (Dao Shi) or the Masters of Prescriptions (Fang Shi) way before Taoism became a system. The Taoists would mainly focus on the promotion of health while also practicing traditional Chinese medicine. For them, the performing of regular exercises was key to achieving optimal health. From thence, a profound belief of how the structure within the body is integrated and interconnected, how both internal and external exercise and movement contribute to health, and how to recover from injuries, among others, were developed. This knowledge has been lost or is only known to a few people, the good news is that many practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine are slowly discovering these secrets and are now integrating them with modern sports science and applying them to holistic strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as to performance, recovery, and rehabilitation support.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Sports Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Sports Medicine offers athletes one of the best and natural ways to increase performance and for treatment, rehabilitation, and management of sports injuries.