Chinese Medicine Treatment For Vitiligo

Vitiligo, which in Chinese medicine is called Bai Bo Feng,Bai Dian Feng,White Enemy Wind or White Patches Wind is treated with a traditional healing herb that is specifically used to treat a Wind condition.

Imagine that your skin-border are guarded by soldiers. However, the soldiers are not enough or are weak to secure the border (in Chinese medicine, this would mean your ‘martial’ energy or Yang energy is deficient). This issue has the potential to allow Wind to infiltrate the pores, which can lead to several things. For one, it can ‘capture’ or fill in the pores, making it very difficult for Blood (or supplies) to circulating that the area and nourish the area, that in turn can lead to a loss in the skin’s natural color, (which can then take on the color of the infiltrator). Wind problems are likely to generate a white color, which is the ‘color’ of wind). The organ most affected by this problem and by cold is our Lungs. Wind problems can result in skin conditions like alopecia, particularly in the Yang part or upper part of our body. Since this condition develops due to Yang Energy deficiency, there is none of the redness, pain or itching that’s related to Excess conditions.

In addition to this kind of problem, we would expect to find other symptoms and signs of Deficient Yang: collapsing issues (such as flat feet, prolapse, hemorrhoids, body posture, etc.), problems thinking clearly, depression with little affect, tinnitus, low back pain, weight issues without heat signs, likelihood for allergies and colds, tiredness, dampness (weak digestion, urinary tract conditions, excess phlegm) and Coldness.

The condition can be addressed holistically and as it actually is once there’s enough of the confirming signs are discovered.In Western medicine, there is only one treatment for hypothyroidism: that is SHT or synthetic hormone therapy.

On the other hand, a holistic diagnosis such as Yang Deficiency, has a whole gamut of treatments and implications. The patient is treated as a whole, and the treatment may involve, among others, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, lifestyle modifications and moxibustion (heat therapy utilizing smoldering herbs).

In Chinese medicine, Bai Dian Feng (Vitiligo), can be treated, via a variety of modalities. This condition is very treatable and certain herbal remedies have been developed specifically for this issue. One such herbal remedy is Bu GuZi or Psoraleacorylifolia seed, which is crushed and combined with mustard oil and applied topicallyon the skin. Since vitiligo is a disease of gradual onset, there are no instant cures. Significant dampness is a slowing aspect often builds up making Clearance of Wind, very difficult (Damp tends to impedes and one can visualize walking in mud).

A person with a Yang Deficiency problem should only eat warm cooked foods: no fruit juices, fruits, cold salads or frozen desserts, as well as NO stimulants like coffee as this can only use up more Yang. The person should exercise moderately every day and get adequate rest. Eating flesh foods and utilizing Warming spices like pepper and mustardis encouraged. The person should avoid drafty and when the environments, and should choosing be exposed to warmer climates.

Using a rounded approach, an licensed acupuncturist Edina can easily treat vitiligo and will not leave the patient depending on hormone drugs for the rest of his or her life.